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Major Coal-to-Liquid Project in China

China’s Energy Development Program

Xinhuanet. China’s cabinet approved in principle the draft of China’s medium- and long-term energy development program, covering the period from 2004 to 2020.

  • Make energy conservation the top priority.

  • Adjust and optimize the energy structure. Pursue an energy development strategy with coal forming the mainstay and electricity the center of the energy structure, while promoting comprehensive development of oil, gas and new forms of energy.

  • Fully tap both domestic and overseas resources and markets. While making domestic energy exploration, exploitation and construction projects as the basis, China should also actively participate in energy resource cooperation [and competition] and development projects around the world.

  • Rely on scientific and technological advance and innovation.

  • Enhance environmental protection and strive to reduce the impact of energy production and consumption on the environment.

  • Attach a high degree of importance to energy security. Energy supply should be diversified, construction of oil reserves should be accelerated and the energy security pre-warning and rapid response mechanism should be improved.

  • Institute safeguard measures for energy development. Policies regarding energy resources and energy development should be improved, the market mechanism should be brought into full play and input in energy issues should be increased.

We can already see aspects of this being carried out in China’s decisive and expansionary moves in the global oil market and in its seeking to leverage its enormous coal resources.

To that point, Sasol has announced that it is building two $3 billion coal-to-liquid plants in China to feed the country’s demand for fuel without increasing reliance on external sources of oil—such as the Middle East. Separate post on this coming.


Mr. Igor Golovniov

International Investment Scientific Practical Conference “Production of synthetic liquid fuels using coal of Donbas Basin as a constituent of energy safety of Europe” is planned to be conducted on the 11-14 October this year in Luhansk, Ukraine.

This project is interesting from the point of that fact that there are great deposits of coal in Luhansk region with thickness of layers from 0.5 to 3 meters – more than 2 bln. tons and low basic cost it’s extraction.

Conference organizer:
Luhansk Regional State Administration

The topics of the Conference
1. World and national experience of application of technologies of synthetic fuel production from coal.
2. Resources good for remake in synthetic motor fuel on the example of coal of Donbas.
3. Peculiarities of Coal-to-Liquids technological processes.
4. The solution of ecological problems in energy-chemical complexes exploitation.
5. The economic aspects of production of synthetic fuels.
6. Organizational, economic and legal conditions of investing engaging for forming an industrial complex to produce synthetic liquid fuel from coal.

The work will be held in three sections:
1. Scientific
2. Scientific-productive
3. Investment

More details you can get at Organization committee of Conference.
Tel./fax +38 0642 586963
E-mail: ctl@loga.gov.ua
Mailing address: Geroev VOV sq., 3
Lugansk, Ukraine 91016

Igor Golovniov – coordinator of the Investment Section of International Investment Scientific Practical Conference
E-mail: ctl@loga.gov.ua
Cell-phone: +38 050 7669959
Work- phone: +38 0642 586369
Fax: +38 0642 586369

Victor Golovniov – coordinator of the International Investment Scientific Practical Conference
E-mail: vgol@loga.gov.ua
Cell-phone: +38 050 4771892
Work- phone: +38 0642 586369
Fax: +38 0642 586369

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