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Azure Dynamics Delivers 1st of 30 Hybrids to Purolator


Azure Dynamics (earlier post) has delivered the first of 30 series hybrid electric delivery vans to Purolator, Canada’s largest overnight courier company. This is the first production delivery resulting from an agreement signed by the two companies in September 2003 that could see Purolator purchase up to 2,000 hybrid electric powered delivery vans. The five-year supply agreement, worth up to $90 million, makes Purolator Azure Dynamic’s largest customer to date.

After months of field testing with prototypes of the Azure hybrid vehicles, Purolator saw emissions reduced by a minimum of 50% while fuel consumption was reduced by approximately 50%.

Azure Dynamics uses its G1 series hybrid powertrain (a combination of Azure Dynamics' Smart Energy Management System with ZF Sachs’ hybrid drive) in the Purolator vans. (Azure and ZF Sachs announced strategic alliance in which ZF Sachs will adapt its electric traction drive and generator technology specifically to Azure’s hybrid electric smart energy management system. The resulting components will be co-branded as ZF Sachs Azure.)

Azure Dynamics is exploring different mechanisms and partners for adding a parallel hybrid powertrain to its lineup as well.

The order of 30 vehicles will be filled by Azure over the next few months. If the operational experience with these vehicles meets previously agreed upon parameters, then as Purolator replenishes its fleet each year, the company is expected to add up to 400 hybrid electric vehicles annually.

Earlier this year, Purolator also entered into a multi-year, $3.08 million (Cdn) initiative with Hydrogenics for the development and demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and on-site hydrogen production, storage & refueling/dispensing in a commercial fleet environment.


Sigrid Wilson


I would like the most recent update on these Hybird vehicles.

I have a rare disease (Dercum's) & aim to travel around Australia raising awareness & fundraising for research, in the most economical green vehicle I can find.

Yours is the first I have come across which I could convert to a motor home.

Could you please send me detailed information.
Cost of vehicle?
Cost of Shipping?
Left or righthand drive?
If lefthand is it possible to produce a righthand drive?

I have also found a site which describes fully how a vehicle can run on water.

What information do you have concerning this converter if any?

I would appreciate any detiled information please.
Thank you,

Sigrid Wilson
P.S. I like the look of the Purolator Van.that is what my enquiry is about.
Email;- love_charity@bigpond.com.au


Two major advantages for Azure Dynamics going forward are the continued and growing demand for green products that will position Azure technology as a high priority for our customers - people want what we have,the fact that we have launched product in the marketplace and have extensive manufacturing experience that will enable us to continuously lower our product cost and improve the economics for our customer.
David Jones



Purolator was presented with an Award of Excellence in Environmental Initiatives for its 'Greening the Fleet' initiative on June 8, 2004 at the 35th annual National Transportation Week Ontario Awards Breakfast in Toronto.


Sunshine Coast


Azure Dynamics Corporation a leading developer of hybrid electric and electric powertrains for commercial and military vehicles, is pleased to announce that it has delivered a series hybrid electric delivery vehicle to the United States Postal Service for in service demonstration and monitoring.

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