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Hyundai To Introduce Euro 4 Diesels in 2005

Yonhap News reports that Hyundai will introduce diesel vehicles compatible with the Euro 4 emissions standard next year.

The automaker has developed its own  Euro 4-compliant diesel engine sooner than expected. South Korea is fast-tracking the implementation of emissions standards, with Euro 3 going into effect in 2005, followed only a year later by Euro 4.

The new Euro 4 diesel engine will be mounted in Hyundai Motor’s follow-up model to its Verna sedan, poised to be launched in April, according to the sources. It will be the first diesel vehicle manufactured by local automakers that meets the more stringent emission standard.

The engine will also be used in the diesel NF Sonata sedan to be introduced to the market in the fourth quarter of 2005. Hyundai Motor also plans to introduce diesel models of the New Avante XD sedan and the Lavita minivan, which will be compatible with the Euro 3 standard, the sources said.

By implementing Euro 4 standards in 2006, South Korea will bring itself into synch with Europe, where those standards go into effect in 2005.

Euro Diesel Passenger Car Emissions Standards, g/km
EmissionEuro 3Euro 4& Δ
NOx 0.50 0.25 -50.0%
HC+NOx 0.56 0.30 -46.4%
CO 0.64 0.50 -21.9%
PM 0.05 0.025 -50.0%


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