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CNG Use Accelerates in Pakistan

Daily Times. Some 600,000 cars in Pakistan have been converted from gasoline to compressed natural gas (CNG), more than two-thirds of those being done in the last three years.

As many as 300 more CNG pumping stations are expected to be established all over the country during the next six months, as the use of compressed natural gas in motor vehicles has gained momentum due to rising petroleum prices.

“According to an estimate currently there are around 700 such stations throughout the country, 200 of them set up during last twelve months,” Abdul Sami Khan, chairman Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, told Daily Times.

The transition is being catalyzed by the rising price of gasoline in the country, compared to the price of CNG.  The government is also promoting the use of CNG and is encouraging public transport to turn their vehicles to CNG from diesel.


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Hussain Shah

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Wasim Jalbani

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Muhammad Ashraf Khushk

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Zahid Anwar

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