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John Deere to Use B2 as Preferred Fuel

1 February 2005

John Deere will use B2, a blend of two percent biodiesel fuel, as the preferred factory-fill in its diesel-fueled machines made in the United States. The company made the announcement in conjunction with the 2005 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo, sponsored by the National Biodiesel Board.

“This is a big step forward in confirming our commitment for the use of biodiesel fuel,” says Don Borgman, manager market planning and customer integration, John Deere Ag Marketing Center. “Our manufacturing plants in the U.S. will use B2 biodiesel for fueling tractors, combines, self-propelled sprayers, and other diesel powered machines.”

Two percent doesn’t seem like a lot, but, as Borgman points out, “If B2 were used in all diesel engines in the U.S., the United States could displace the equivalent of about 1 billion gallons of foreign oil per year. ”

The announcement is probably as significant for its formal anointing of biodiesel as mainstream as for its quantitative impact on petroleum use and emissions. B2 should give way to higher percentage blends, all the way up to B100.

The adoption of B2 will phase in over the year. Deere will publish its fuel specs and encourage its customers to use the B2 formula in their own operations.

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