Washington House Passes Bill Adopting California Emissions Regulations
New UK Site on Fuel Efficiencies and Emissions

Canada Plans to Regulate Greenhouse Gases as Pollutants

Globe and Mail.  The Canadian federal government says it plans to regulate greenhouse gases as pollutants under the purview of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and will introduce a bill to that effect as early as next week.

Environment Minister Stéphane Dion says the government has no qualms about invoking the Canadian Environmental Protection Act to force heavy industries to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

"The targets will be communicated and they will not be for negotiation," he said in a telephone interview from London, where he is attending an international conference on climate change.

"Once it is announced, you do not send your lawyers, you send your engineers, because it is to be achieved. It is to be implemented. We have consulted for years and now it's time to start."

There is a great deal of opposition expected to the move from all sides, including some in the Liberal party itself. The Canadian EPA act is due for review this fall.

Canada still appears to be in negotiation with automakers over the reduction of CO2 from new vehicles—a stated policy goal that parallels California’s Pavley Bill.

Classifying greenhouses gases as pollutants would strengthen Canada’s stance and lend support to California’s position.


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