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February US Hybrid Sales Second-Strongest Ever

Sales of hybrids in the US in February jumped back over the 10,000 unit mark to 10,400, second only to the 10,441 units sold in December 2004.  Sales almost doubled from 5,249 hybrids in February 2004.

Toyota led the way with record sales for the Prius—7,078 units, more than double the 3,215 sold in February 2004. Toyota continues to lead the market with the Prius, representing 68% of all hybrids sold in the US.

Honda posted sales of 1,353 Civic hybrids, down 31% from its level the prior February. The Accord hybrid sold 855, and the Insight had its best results since August 2004, with 22 units sold.

The Ford Escape hybrid turned in 1,092 units, in its second-strongest sales month yet.

Hybrid_sales_feb05_1 Hybrid_sales_feb05_2



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