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Japanese System for In-Vehicle Instruction on Fuel-Efficient Driving

In an attempt to promote behavior that ultimately reduces fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions, Kyotango City, located in Kyoto Prefecture, launched a project in October 2004 that is investigating the use of an in-vehicle system that instructs the driver on fuel-efficient driving. (Earlier post)

As reported in Japan for Sustainability:

These systems are being installed in official vehicles, private vehicles and taxis. The system detects sudden accelerations, abrupt slowdowns, harsh braking and idling, and calls the driver’s attention to these problems by means of a computer-generated voice and a monitor display. The data can be saved to assess effects.

The project costs around 80 million yen (US$ 721,000), all of which is subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Although the project ends this month, Kyotango City plans to continue lending the in-vehicle navigation systems out to drivers.


Peter Brent

I am currently trying to convert my diesel into a car that runs on Vegetable Oil, but is there a specific way I would have to install the Vegetable oil tank onto the car in order to pass Shaken? Can a normal poly tank pass as the Vegetable oil tank? Can you let me know if there is anyone in Japan that can help me with these issues?

Thanks alot,

PEter Brent

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