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UAE Emirate Shifts All Buses to CNG

Millenium Ecosystem Assessment

WorldChanging offers good links to and an assessment of the UN report released today: the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment.

The vast majority of news reports about the Assessment emphasize its dark, “sobering” presentation. This isn’t surprising—the planet’s environmental systems are under a lot of stress, and if things don’t change, we’re in for disaster. But that's an important caveat—if things don’t change. [...]

The doom and gloom of the majority of news reports and blog posts about the MEA feeds the all-too-common perception that things are so bad that there’s nothing that we can do about it. The people whose political oxen would be gored by aggressive shifts towards foresight, sustainability and bright green industries have everything to gain from the rest of us giving up. The scenarios give us ways to imagine solutions—multiple solutions, with different choices and benefits—to the very real problems we face; in short, they give us reasons not to give up.

The Millennium Environmental Assessment doesn’t give a detailed, step-by-step set of instructions as to how to achieve the more positive futures they lay out. That wasn’t the point of the exercise, or even of the scenarios. They just needed to remind us that the future remains in our hands.

Roger that.



They call for CHANGE, but WHAT other than a REVOLUTION? When EVOLUTION
won't work...


Once upon a time lived a race of dinosaurs whose violence and appetite
alarmed everybody... One day a Little Ant, tired of feeling stepped
upon, and worried about her cooperative enterprise, came up to the
Americanus Raptor--the biggest dinosaur of them all--and asked: "Why
you eat and eat everything in your path? Why don't you slim down? Why
can't we little animals at least have our own way?" Then the dinosaur,
blowing the Little Ant away, shouted: "Bigger is better, so get lost!"

The Little Ant, then, gathered the whole cooperative and said:
"Comrades, our world is being threatened by the dinosaurs, so..." And
at that precise moment the Earth was hit by a big ball of fire,
destroying all but the small animals...

Moral: "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the
most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
-Charles Darwin

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