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Canadian Oil Sands Company to Build Mega Ethanol Plant

Suncor, the Canadian oil sands company, has received the final environmental approvals from Canadian federal and provincial governments for the construction of a Canadian $120 million (US $96.4 million) corn ethanol production facility. Work on the plant should be complete by mid-2006.

Suncor’s new facility will produce approximately 200 million liters (52.8 million gallons US) of ethanol annually—one of the country’s larger to date. Suncor will receive a $22 million contribution towards the construction of this facility from the Government of Canada’s Ethanol Expansion Program.

The plant will require some 20 million bushels of corn each year.

Suncor pioneered the oil sands industry in Canada in 1967. Since then the company has grown into a billion-dollar integrated energy company that with interests in oil sands, natural gas, and refining.

The company is branching out into alternatives, primarily wind energy:

  • An 11-MW, $22-million windfarm in Saskatchewan, opened in 2002.

  • A 30-MW, $48-million windfarm in Alberta, opened in 2004.

  • A proposed 75-MW windfarm in Ontario.



How many gallons of gasoline does Canada use in a year? From what I could find they use 85 million gallons of oil daily, but the report doesn't separate it out into gas, diesel, heating oil, etc. It would be interesting to try to put into perspective the ammount of ethanol produced from this plant and the total ammount of gasoline used in the country.


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