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FedEx to Add up to 75 More Diesel Hybrid Trucks to Fleet

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. will purchase up to 75 more parallel hybrid diesel-electric trucks for its service fleet in the next 12 months, contingent upon pricing and availability. The announcement coincided with the unveiling of two FedEx hybrid trucks in Washington, DC, which brought the company-wide total of hybrid trucks in use to 18. (Earlier post.)

The E700 hybrid trucks, which use a hybrid electric powertrain from Eaton, reduce PM emissions by 96% and NOx by 65% while improving fuel economy by 57% compared to a baseline 1999 conventional W700 vehicle.

The hybrid project began four years ago when Environmental Defense and FedEx Express began working together to create the next-generation delivery vehicle.

The commitment by FedEx to purchase hybrids demonstrates the business viability of these trucks on the road. As fuel prices continue to rise, fuel efficient trucks are an investment that every company should be making. And since hybrids also reduce air pollution, oil dependency and climate change, they’re not only good for business but good for America.

—Gwen Ruta, director of Corporate Partnerships, Environmental Defense

The 18 hybrid trucks already in the fleet are in service in Sacramento, New York, Tampa and now Washington, DC.

The E700 hybrid downsizes to a 4.3-liter, four-cylinder diesel as opposed to the 5.9-liter, six-cylinder version in the standard W700 delivery vehicle. Lithium-ion batteries hold the charge generated by the regenerative braking. A particulate trap further reduces emissions.

The Eaton Hybrid Drive Unit, (system diagram below left, sketch of assembly below right, Click to enlarge) includes the automatic clutch (AC), motor/generator (MG), medium duty AutoShift transmission and invertor/controls.

E700_diagram Eatonhybridelectric


doug hetrick

5.9L diesel. Was that a cummins?
4.3L I-4 diesel. Who makes that?


The 5.9-liter is indeed a Cummins. The 4.3-liter is a Mercedes diesel.


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