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Mazda Tunes up the Demio for Increased Fuel Efficiency


Mazda Motor Corporation has refreshed its Demio model with increases in fuel economy of up to 9%, reductions in emissions, a new exterior and additional equipment. Known as the Mazda2 in overseas markets, the new Demio goes on sale today throughout Japan.

All Demio models—including the four-wheel drive version—exceed Japan’s 2010 fuel economy standard by 5%. The new 1.3-liter model offers combined fuel economy (Japanese 10-15 combined cycle) of approximately 44 mpg (5.32 liters/100 km), up from 40.5 mpg (5.81 liters/100km) in the older model.

All models are also certified as Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (SULEV) to meet Japan’s 2005 emissions reduction standard of 75%.

Mazda achieved its reductions in fuel consumption and emissions through a number of powertrain tweaks.

Mazda has increased the volume of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), recovers some energy during deceleration from an electrical discharge control system, and reduces engine revolutions when idling through lowered resistance in the transmission. It has also overhauled the gear ratios in the automatic transmission to improve the balance between fuel efficiency and performance.

An electric motor handles steering assist. The company cut electric current consumption elsewhere by decreasing the load on the fuel pump and by adopting light emitting diodes (LED) for the brake lights.

Mazda’s Demio sales target for the Japanese market is 4,500 units per month.


Mikhail Capone

I don't know about the US market, but I'm sure it would be quite popular here in Canada, judging by the best-selling status of the Toyota Echo Hatchback/Yaritz.

A quick search doesn't show any intentions on mazda's part to bring it here. Maybe I missed something, though.

Jeffrey Dubinsky

Yet another great car that is not avail in the US.

David Sharp

HAve owned mazda 2 for the past 3 years it has been a fantastic little look forward to the new model.

Krishna Nayak T

i would like to know more about jetropa, and pongamia cultivation and bio diesel project, kindly send me a project report for this project in karnataka and in brief with financial assistance too covered in it, to cover rural areas in india, and create employment for rural people of karnataka

thanking you

with regards

Krishna Nayak

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