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Washington State Legislature Passes Bill Adopting California Emissions Regulations

23 April 2005

The Washington state Senate this week passed an amended version of the bill, HB 1397 (earlier post) adopting California’s emission standards for light- and medium-duty passenger vehicles. The bill now heads to the Governor for signing into law.

The Senate dropped some of California’s provisions, including a quota for zero-emission vehicles, and explicitly linked the adoption of the new rules to Oregon’s adoption of them as well.

As Oregon seems determined to implement those this year, that will bring the number of states operating under the more stringent California regulations to ten.


  • Full text of Bill 1397 as passed by legislature

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Hmm. Does this mean we won't be able to buy a Jetta TDI in Washington? That was to be our next family car. Run on biodiesel. Hopefully there's an exemption.


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