Congressman Bartlett on Peak Oil Tonight
Sales of Full-Size SUVs in US Down 19% in First 4 Months of 2005

April Hybrid Sales in US More than Triple from Year Before, Almost Reach 21,000

Led by Toyota, which alone accounted for 13,690 units sold, combined sales of hybrids in the US reached 20,974 in April, more than triple the number sold in April 2004 (6,832).

The Prius had its best month ever, posting 11,345 units. The Lexus Rx400h, which came to showrooms in the middle of the month, racked up 2,345 units.

Demand for the Honda Civic Hybrid pushed sales of that model to its strongest showing of 3,466 units. The Accord Hybrid climbed to 2,023—its best to date. Sales of the ultra-efficient Insight also benefitted, climbing up to 90 units, the car’s best performance in a year.

Ford’s Escape Hybrid also posted its own best performance in its 7-month sales history, with 1,705 units sold.

Hybridsalesapr05_2 Hybridsalesapr05_1



Prius made up 5.39% of the total toyota sales this past month in the US.

11,345 Prius
210,466 Total Toyota sales


But, but, but... the doomsayers keep preaching that Americans won't conserve gas until it hits $3 or $4/gallon! Surely they can't be wrong--could they???

(Please excuse my sarcasm (which isn't aimed at nathan or anyone else here). I get really sick of the "we're all gonna die" crowd saying that Americans won't react to an increase in oil prices. So, when I see news like this, that shows Americans really are rational, I just have to take a swipe at the doomsayers.)

Nice job pointing out the 5% figure, by the way. Maybe we should organize a pool on how many Priuses Toyota will sell in the US in 2005. Without putting a lot of thought into it, I'm guessing something like 225K.

Rob McMillin

Interesting comment, loudGizmo. Do you then recant this executive summary, or are you saying that oil prices have risen significantly?


I wasn't being a doomsayer, i was excited by prius being 5% of toyota's sales. I think it is huge. When i bought my original prius in 2001 i rarely if ever saw others.(In wisconsin). Since i have bought my 2005 prius(was on waiting list for over a year) i have seen many, almost every day. I think it is a huge improvement.

Paul T

Americans still buy more SUVs than cars. Simplest solution is to stop buying SUVs and just buy normal cars that give at least 30mpg (mine does close to 40mpg and that DOES make me a righteous bas***d). The other solution would be diesel.

Walter Jacque

Hi Walter, does this info help with data collection?-Sharon

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