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Blue Sun Plans to Open 10 New Biodiesel Stations on 4 July

30 May 2005

Rocky Mountain News. Blue Sun Biodiesel plans to open 10 new biodiesel fueling stations in Colorado on July 4.

The new stations, located in Vail, Glenwood Springs, Golden, Steamboat Springs and Grand Junction, among others, pump B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel).

Jeff Probst, president and CEO of Fort Collins-based Blue Sun, said the company would have 50 fueling stations by the end of this year.

Blue Sun has been bounced around a bit in its quest to build a production plant. Initially targeted to be adjacent to a proposed ethanol plant in Johnstow, Blue Sun next shot for Alamosa as the plant’s site.

The Alamosa site, which was to be part of a fuel terminal and operational by this May, fell through when complaints delayed the project.

Currently, Blue Sun is trying to close on a  site in Monte Vista for the $4.4 million production plant.

The site is linked to the Alamosa fuel terminal by a railroad, which would be used to carry 3 million gallons of B100 per year  from the plant to the terminal, where it will be mixed to produce the B20.

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