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Buses in Haranya, India, Shifting to Biodiesel


Expressindia. Starting in June, all buses running out of Gurgaon in the state of Haryana, India (next to New Delhi) will run on B5 biodiesel (5% biodiesel).

The decision from the Haryana government came after a year-long pilot test that confirmed reductions in PM and a marginal improvement in fuel efficiency.

IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) provided the biodiesel, processed from jatropha, at no extra cost.

‘‘Smoke levels in buses running on fuel mixed with bio-diesel have certainly gone down,’’ says R.K. Malhotra of IOC’s R & D Division. IOC got the emission from these buses checked at its R & D facility in Faridabad. ‘‘Although, improvement in mileage was something we were not expecting, it seems to be a positive development. Having a home-grown fuel like this can go a long way in providing energy-security to the country,’’ he adds.

Although only B5 was used in the test, the participants are looking to increase the blend to a B20 over the next few months.



It is a historical beginning and likely to happen in every state of India.
We are the leading promoter of jatropha in India and provide production technology for the biofuel crop.
Centre For Jatropha Promotion

dahiya anil

please send the name and address of sale and promotion centers of biodiesel in kurukshetra or near by.


Dear Sir,

I am happy to note that your organisation is the leading promoter of Jatropha. I would like to know the extent of area already covered under jatropha plantation in your state. How many small, medium and large categories of farmers have seriously taken up the plantation of jatropha at different locations? What is the target fixed by the state government for the year 2005-2006?

I am involved in promotion of jatropha in selected locations in Andhra Pradesh. I intend to establish new linkages with organisations which are quite keen to start new land based projects.

Thanking you and with kind regards,

Yours Sincerely,


Dr D.K.Sahu

We r from a vastly growing Technical Institute in Orissa with good research facilities. We stared R&D on Biodiesel from nursery to finished product. We r looking for financial assistance to support the on going research from appropriate Govt agency. please advice how to proceed.
regards dksahu

Account Deleted

I am a part of "Students' Initiative for Integrated Rural Development" which is a central government funded project taken up the students of IIT ROORKEE who are dedicated to the cause of rural development. We have been working in our model village Charba, Sahaspur block, Dehradun for the past two years and have got some achievements as well. Now we are planning JATROPHA plantation in the village and thus we are seeking for an appropriate agency involved in jatropha plantation. Any agency related to jatropha plantation and promotion, pliz contact us.
with regards
Samdish Nirankari

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