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Honda to Put Fuel Injection on All Motorcyles by 2007; Targeting Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Reductions

Nikkei News reports that Honda will introduce fuel injection systems by the end of 2007 on all motorcycles it produces and sells in Japan to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. This advances by three years an earlier target the company had set for such implementation.

Of the 61 models Honda now makes for the Japanese market, 11 use fuel injection systems, primarily those with 400cc or larger engines. Models with fuel injection accounted for around 10% of the 390,000 motorcycles shipped domestically in 2004.

Honda is working to lower the production costs of its PGM-FI fuel injection systems for small motors and plans  to introduce them on all models, including the 50cc scooters that account for some 70% of shipping volume.


One of the challenges is targeting the smaller platforms is simply the size required by the system. Honda basically squeezed the functions of the sensor, throttle body and ECU  into a package the size of a conventional carburetor.

The company has targeted reductions of hydrocarbon emissions in motorcycle exhaust by an average of two-thirds from 1995 levels and to improve fuel efficiency by an average of around 40% by 2007.

Other motorcycle manufacturers have started turning to fuel injection in recent years, but models so equipped still account for just a fraction of sales.



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