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Isuzu Introduces New Elf Diesel Hybrid Truck for Japanese Market

3 May 2005


Isuzu Motors Limited has added a new diesel parallel hybrid model to its lineup of Elf low-pollution light-duty trucks.  The new model will appear in the general market in mid-June 2005, although Isuzu has already begun sales to select fleets. The company has a sales goal of 600 diesel hybrids per year.

The Elf Diesel hybrid truck employs Isuzu’s original hybrid system, which was optimized for light-duty trucks. Based on the 4.8-liter, 95 kW (127 hp) 4HL1 diesel engine, the hybrid powertrain with a 25.5 kW electric motor delivers a 35% improvement in fuel economy in Japan’s M15 mode, and an improvement of 10%–20% in city driving. CO2 emissions drop by 25% in M15 mode.

Elf Emissions (g/kWh)
EmissionElf Hybrid4HL1
NOx 2.42 3.24
PM 0.020 0.023
CO 0.50 0.50
HC 0.20 0.20

With an 85% reduction in PM emissions below the 2003 new short-term exhaust emission regulation, the new Elf diesel is certified as an ultra-low PM emission diesel vehicle (85% PM reduction). The hybrid cuts NOx by 25% or more below emissions from a conventional 4HL1 diesel.

The Isuzu hybrid system offers regenerative braking and stop-start functionality. Isuzu is using a 346V Lithium-ion battery—the first domestic use of Li-ion on a Japanese truck.

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what and when these trucks be available to US? Can you give me some specs on the truck.

send me the specs. and when will it come to the us market?

send complete details of japanse toyota camry car engine manual. with pictures and all it entails. send it to,

Hope to hear from you soonest.



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