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Mazda Strengthens Global Environmental Charter

Mazda has updated its global environmental charter for the first time in 13 years. The revised plan defines the expanded scope of environmental initiatives for the entire Mazda group and reinforces the company’s worldwide corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Mazda’s basic stated policy consists of three principles:

  1. To contribute to society by creating environmentally friendly technologies and products.

  2. To use the Earth’s resources and energy sparingly, and never overlook environmental considerations when conducting its business.

  3. To play its part in improving the environment, hand in hand with local communities and society at large.

Mazda then takes those principles into guidelines for action:

  1. Creation of environmentally sound technologies and products. We are committed to the challenge of creating clean technologies, including those facilitating cleaner exhaust emissions, a reduction in CO2, the development of clean-energy vehicles and alternative energy vehicles, and the protection of the ozone layer. We will encourage the creation of products that are environmentally sound throughout their lifespan, from the planning and development stages through to manufacturing, use, and recycling/disposal.

  1. Corporate activities for conserving resources and energy. In order to conserve limited resources, we will actively promote resource conservation and recycling activities. We will strive to achieve diversified and efficient use of energy.

  2. Corporate activities in pursuit of a clean environment. We will not merely comply with environmental laws and regulations, but will also impose voluntary controls for higher standards, and implement thorough self-regulated control. In our pursuit of a clean environment, we will promote the development of new technologies and the introduction of new systems which contribute to a cleaner environment.

  3. Working with others in the car-making industry to create a better environment. We will actively provide our employees with in-house education and information about environmental protection to enhance their awareness of the global environment. We will work in close cooperation with other car manufacturers in Japan and overseas to achieve better environmental protection.

  4. Creating a better environment in cooperation with local communities and society. We will work actively to understand and appreciate society’s requirements for the environment and reflect them in our business activities. We will disclose and publicize environment-related technologies, systems, and information. We will not only conduct our own environmental activities, but will also make a collaborative effort in other social activities for the conservation of the environment with society.


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