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Merc E320s With New V6 Diesel Deliver Almost 50 mpg on Long-Distance Test Run


DaimlerChrysler has been working some standard E320 diesel sedans hard as part of its growing diesel campaign in the US.

In April, three standard E 320s each completed a high-speed, 100,000-mile test run without problems. The cars established world records by covering 50,000 miles (80,467 kilometers) at 225.456 km/h (140.1 mph); 62,150 miles (100,000 kilometers) at 225.903 km/h (140.4 mph) and 100,000 miles (160,934 kilometers) at 224.823 km/h. (139.7 mph).

Following the 30-day, non-stop trial, the sedans achieved a new record during a long-distance fuel-consumption test drive which was certified by the USAC. Without stopping to refuel, each of the unmodified CDI models covered a distance of 1,039 miles (1,672 km), which corresponded to a fuel consumption of 4.75 litres per 100 kilometers (49.52 mpg).

The tested cars used the new Mercedes 165 kW (224 hp) V6 CDI diesel engine, set to replace the existing five and six-cylinder in-line engines this summer. (Earlier post.)


Mr. Nobody

I'm assuming they remained glued religiously to the speed limit during this run? Any sign of tricks like that stunt Car & Driver magazine pulled a couple years ago? As I recall they got 100mpg out of a Honda Insight on a trip from Chicago to Detroit by drafting a few inches behind a Ford Expedition that had the tailgate open to allow the insight to be sheltered from the wind. Talk about tailgating...


Hah! I’m not sure what the certification of this test by the USAC covers, or if it specified parameters. I’ll try to find out.

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