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Mitsubishi Goes Electric: New EVs in 2010

Mitsubishi Motors announced that it will begin selling electric cars in Japan in 2010.


Mitsubishi will build its EVs with in-wheel motors and lithium-ion batteries, both of which the company has been working on for several years. Mitsubishi forsees using the Mitsubishi In-wheel motor Electric Vehicle (MIEV) concept in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles as well.

Mitsubishi Motors has already built several test vehicles using lithium-ion battery systems, including the Mitsubishi HEV in 1996, the FTO-EV in 1998 and the Eclipse EV in 2000. The FTO-EV set a multiple-charge 24-hour distance world record on a proving ground, while the Eclipse EV covered over 400 km on public roads on a single battery charge.

The company currently is using a modified Colt as its EV testbed. After removing the combustion engine, fuel tank and transmission, Mitsubishi fitted two 20 kW in-wheel motors with 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) torque each to the rear wheels.

Coltev1 Coltev2

A floor-mounted lithium-ion battery powers the motors. The car has a top speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) and a cruising range of 150 km (93 miles) on a single charge.

Mitsubishi currently has its test Colt EV on the proving ground.

The car will undergo a tuning program with independent control of drive torque and braking force for left and right wheels to improve dynamic performance. After receiving vehicle type certification, Colt EV will undergo verification testing on public roads.

Mitsubishi will use on-road testing to identify and resolve any problems unique to the in-wheel motor vehicle, including any deterioration in road holding and ride comfort due to increases in un-sprung weight, as well as reliability and durability issues in the in-wheel motor system and its peripheral components (suspension, wheels, tires).

The company is also currently developing a more powerful a 50 kW in-wheel motor for 4WD vehicle use that will eventually feature individual drive torque and braking force control for each wheel.

Mitsubishi will displaying the Colt EV at the 2005 Automotive Engineering Exposition to be held in Yokohama from May 18 through May 20.

This is a welcome development. For Mitsubishi, which has been dogged by quality problems, fault cover-ups and low sales, this offers a way to re-establish itself as a technology and market leader. (Opportunity is one thing, the ability to execute is another. We’ll have to see how things develop.)

But more broadly, a mainstream automaker is re-inserting the EV into the dialog of the market at a time when other automakers are crushing (or trying to crush) their older EVs.

It’s unfortunate that the release date is five years away, and that Mitsubishi currently has no plans to offer the EVs outside of Japan. But introduction dates can be advanced, and sales plans can expand, based on customer demand.

It will be interesting to see if any of the other automakers pick up the challenge.

(A tip of the hat to Joe!)


Ron Fischer

Could the unsprung weight penalty be reduced or eliminated by making the *least* powerful hub motors neccessary for the application? This could be a critical bit of info that results from Mitsubishi's test program, and which would be of use in all applications of hub motors.

Don Francis

Wow. I will start saving my coins in hopes the vehicle makes it to production and the US. This is what the industry has needed, someone willing to take the risk "and make a business out of electric vehicles"

Hugh E Webber

As a person who once drove an EV1, I'll be in touch with Mitsubishi to beg for an EV. As the secretary of the Florida chapter of the Electric Auto Association, I'm very glad to see such basis for our growing membership!


Many people don't know that its really much better to have EV, than ICE vehicle. Auto companies are dolls in oil tycoons hands and will resist untill jinny is out. I think only chinese have real chance of making EVs due to their
oil lobby is weaker and Chinese gvmt. might be interested in that too. Ohh, count me in if this car sees Canadian


hey im too lazy to read this but, does this web site tell me how electric cars work???


I have found out an unknown new power that can be usefull for movement, producing electricity and ... .
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it is not expensive and can be used simple and whitout any danger to nature.
It can be a revolution in the oil industry
this power can be change to electrisity for electric motors(so the engine of the car should be changed to electric motor and battry is needed) or change to another type of powers.
I am trie to use it on normal engin so my car can run with oil and save about %50- %70 of fuel without any battry or electric motor.
I have tested that on my car with normal gasolin engin and could save just %15 of fuel but
i am sure with enogh tools and good desine I will make a car with saving %50 - %70 of fuel.
please let me know your idea about that.
I am await for your answer.
thank you ,

Abelito Suizo

Our company, Ridgewood Trading, LLC is looking for an electric car, 4 to 6 person capacity. Is there a shop in the UAE that anyone can point me to? Please reply, if you have any info. My contact addy:
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It's good plan.

gordon foat

Need Electric Motorsport / electric cars ? Try Green Motorsport, All the best Gordon Foat. Dubai is very nice :-) Fuelcells

gordon foat

Need Electric Motorsport / electric cars ? Try Green Motorsport, All the best Gordon Foat. Dubai is very nice :-) Fuelcells


It's about time.

I've being wating for this since the EV1 were crushed by GM.

I my self want the EVO.

I'm saving my money for 2010....

amin koranlou

with this information i search manufacturer or investor for my invention.
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el nuevo es una garcha, por favor mandame la ficha tecnica del colt 1.5 glx 1993, dale vieja, copate


I want electric car equivalent to 600CC petrol car.3/4 seater. Price should be around $3000-$3500. Daily run about 100Km based on 7 hours night charge. Battery should be good enough for 40000KM before replacement.

India is a big market. I intend to collaborrate with one who has technical know how.

can I expect help?

jack marchand

JULY 17 2007

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Sincerely Jack Marchand
PS -- Should your company want more input contact me.

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