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Honda Insight Tops in Tour de Sol Rally; Plug-in Prius Delivers Nominal 102 MPG (But Net 67 MPG)

A modified Honda Insight driven by Brian Hardegen of Pepperell, MA, was the top placing vehicle at the National 2005 Tour de Sol Monte Carlo Rally (earlier post), achieving 94 mpg. That leaves the 100-mpg Challenge on the able for next year’s event.

The plug-in Prius demonstrated by Valence and Energy CS (earlier post) hit nearly 102 mpg measured by the fuel tank, but also consumed 10 kWh of electricity for charging the Li-ion batteries. After computing the grid power used, the net effective mileage was 67 mpg.

In the production vehicle division (i.e., unmodified), two Insights placed first and second, averaging 81 mpg and 79 mpg respectively.

Top biodiesel finishers were a Volkswagen Passat (77 mpg) and a Smart car (75 mpg).

More than 60 hybrid, electric and biofuel vehicles participated in this year’s Tour de Sol. Forty-one teams entered the new Monte Carlo-style Rally. This competition was created to offer advanced-vehicle owners the opportunity to demonstrate what their vehicles (production-line or modified) can deliver as well as to compete for up to $10,000 in prizes.

To compete for the 100 mpg Challenge, entrants began at one of the 11 official stating sites around the US and Canada and were required to drive a minimum of 500 miles to Saratoga Springs, NY.  Unfortunately, no entrant achieved that goal this year.



G Griffin-Deerkiller Prod

I have looked on your site for submitted info on news release of the Power of DC Electric Car Drag Race on June 11th 2005 in Hagerstown, MD. Also could not find a click button to post a news story or fwd my press release.Can't even send u an email. Anyway, go to: for details. Thanks G Griffin-Deerkiller Prod. re:PowerofDC.

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