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Peugeot Introduces Flex Fuel Models in Brazil


Peugeot has introduced flex-fuel versions of its popular 206 sedan and hatchback in Brazil. The cars run on either gasoline (already with 22% ethanol) or ethanol or any mixture of the two.

The new vehicles, promised in November 2004 at the ceremony to launch production of the Peugeot 206 SW at the Peugeot Porto Real plant in Brazil, represent the company’s first flex-fuel efforts in the country.

The 206 Nova Geração and SW flex-fuel models both use the 1.6-liter, 16-valve engine produced at Porto Real with a Bosch Motronic Flex Fuel injection system to handle the management of the different fuels.

Peugeot 206 Flex
Power 80 kW (107 hp) 82 kW (110 hp)
Torque 144 Nm (106 lb-ft) 154 Nm (114 lb-ft)

The Bosch system measures the oxygen content in the exhaust fumes to determine the alcohol content in the fuel. The engine management software adjusts ignition and injection based on the actual fuel mix in the tank.


The diagram to the right illustrates the basic components of the system. A legend (Portuguese) is available here on the Bosch Brazil site.

Because the ignition properties of alcohol are inferior to gasoline when the engine is cold, the flex fuel system uses gasoline from a small 0.5 liter reserve tank for cold starts.

The Bosch system is not unique to Peugeot; the first car with Bosch flex fuel injection management as standard equipment was the VW Fox Total Flex, launched in 2003.

Peugeot is now the sixth automaker offering flex fuel cars in the country, joining Volkswagen, Fiat, Chevrolet, Ford and Renault. Peugeot will launch a Citroën C3 flex fuel model in the fall.

Peugeot has produced more than 4 million of the 206 model worldwide. The company will also begin producing the 206 in China this year, adding that country to France, Great Britain, Argentina, Brazil and Iran as production sites.



I can't wait for our developing nation to catch up with advanced nations like Brazil!


Dear sir (s)
At first I would like to give out Great gratitude toward this brilliant
Company which promoted its breakthoughs and pride in global matters every day .
Im sorry to say that this achievement and glory has been deteriorated with the
lack of supervision over the manipulation of " wheels " , which have a lot of bad shaking
in non - standard way . These " wheels " are being assembling in Iran Khodro Company .
However , I want you to inform us about this problem .
Im looking forward hearing you soon .

Manuel C. Diaz

Where can I buy the Peugeot 206flex Car? and how much is the price ex-Brazil port? Price should be in US dollars.

Harvey Edwards

Please send export information to my website contact. or my e-mail. There is no reason that we cannot import your flex fuel vehicles. Arkansas USA is ready for this type of opportunity. Do you Like to fish and hunt? please check out our locations for possible USA Ventures and even manufacturing plants. Our workforce welcomes you.


plz help me to find the price of the 80kw permanent magnet dc motor used in hybried car


A little mistake: the first flex fuel car made in brazil was the VW Gol Total Flex, not the VW Fox.

Nowadays, by 85% of the passenger cars produced in Brazil are flex fuel. And Peugeot also introduced a few months ago (jan/2006) the 1.4-liter flex fuel (82CV DIN (ethanol), 80CV DIN (petrol) engine.

Sabu. V.R

Congrates to this briliiant article. I would like to know much about this amazing technology. Can you give more information about the working, performane analysis of these flex fuel engines/ vehicles?

J Corduan

The U.S. citizens need total flex fuel vehicles. It's time this country cut the big black umbilical cord from the oil companies and went green.


Is it right that 206 has about two or three hundred kilos lead under its body to remain stable?
I am glad to receive an email soon.

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