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Texas Petroleum Refinery Begins Blending B20

AGE Refining, an independent petroleum refinery based in San Antonio, TX is blending its own B20 (20% biodiesel) biodiesel product for sale to distributors.

The B20 blend combines soybean-based biodiesel provided by Houston-based Gulf Hydrocarbon, and AGE’s own diesel product.

This marks the first availability in Texas of biodiesel at the refinery rack. Typically distributors have had to load fleet fuel tanks with 2,500-7,500 gallons and transport it to wholesale petroleum distributors (known as jobbers) across the state.

Now jobbers can purchase B20 straight from AGE’s rack at the refinery, reducing transportation costs and increasing productivity.

AGE’s  B20 will be available from petroleum distributors throughout South Texas, including Dixie Oil; Tetco; Johnson Oil; and World Fuel Services.

In addition to the federal Volumetric Excise Tax Credit recently approved for biodiesel use (earlier post), Texas has reduced its state fuel excise tax from 20 cents/gallon to 16 cents/gallon to encourage the use of biodiesel.


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