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Toyota Announces Next Environmental Plan; Focus on CO2 Reduction and Fuel Efficiency

Toyota has released its Fourth Environmental Action Plan for  FY2006 through FY2010.

The Fourth Environmental Action Plan focuses on four major issues: 1) energy/global warming, 2) recycling of resources, 3) management of substances of concern and 4) atmospheric quality.

The plan calls for initiatives in the areas of development/design, procurement/production/logistics and sales/recycling.

High on the agenda are strong reductions in CO2 emissions. In this area, Toyota plans:

  • A 20% worldwide reduction in production-related CO2 emissions from 2001 levels per sales unit.

  • A 10% reduction from 1990 levels in Japan for CO2 emissions related to logistics—the transportation of production parts, vehicles and service parts. A commitment to understand the nature of non-Japanese logistics emissions and make a reduction commitment by 2007.

  • To promote the design and development of technologies to achieve the best vehicle fuel efficiency performance in each country and region with the goal of CO2 reduction

    • Europe: Steadily implement initiatives to realize JAMA’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions to 140g/km by 2009.

    • North America: Steadily promote the development of technologies aiming to achieve the best fuel efficiency among competing vehicles of the same class.

    • China: Achieve the new fuel efficiency standards in the short-term and realize leading fuel efficiency levels by vehicle class.

    • Other regions: Actively introduce technologies that improve fuel efficiency.

  • To improve further the performance of hybrid systems, increase the number of hybrid vehicle series and introduce them in more markets.

  • To develop and quickly introduce next-generation fuel cell vehicles to contribute to realizing a hydrogen-based society in the future.

  • To assess and develop corresponding technologies for various types of biofuels and synthetic fuels that will contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions and energy security

Toyota plans to steadily implement initiatives to increase vehicle recovery rates in Japan and Europe to reach 95% by 2015 and to expand the Design for Recycling (DfR) concept.

Clean diesel technology is also called out for special emphasis to improve air quality.

The language of the fuel efficiency goal for North America—“the best fuel efficiency among competing vehicles of the same class” is unfortunately loose.

Coincidentally, Toyota’s Lexus division released some of the specifications for the 2006 version of its  LX 470 SUV. The utility vehicle receives a more powerful V8 engine along with additional enhancements.

The increase in power—from 235 hp to 275 hp—is achieved while maintaining the same displacement, but with the addition of other features such as Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i). No word yet on the fuel consumption of the new, more powerful, platform.

The 2006 LX 470 also meets Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle II (ULEV-II) certification.

Earlier this month, GM announced that its North American facilities had reduced their overall CO2 emissions by more than 11% over the past 3 years. It is the first partner in the EPA’s “Climate Leaders” program to reach its voluntary goal, two years earlier than planned. (Earlier post.)



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