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Another Major Biomass-to-Ethanol Project in Canada

MEMS USA has formed a second joint venture—Can-Am Ethanol Two, Inc.— to engineer, design, procure, build, own, operate and maintain a biomass-to-ethanol processing plant in Canada.

The joint venture partner is Central Pacific Power.  The preliminary budget for this plant is $150,000,000 with a projected production capacity of approximately 160,000 gallons of ethanol per day.

In November 2004, MEMS USA and Accelon Energy Systems created Can-Am Ethanol, a joint venture to create, build and run a biomass-to-ethanol processing plant in Canada.  This plant, estimated to cost approximately $140 million, is also intended to have an output of some 160,000 gallons of ethanol per day (approximately 606,000 liters per day). (Earlier post.)

Canada also has instituted a National Biomass Ethanol Program that will provide up to $135 million to firms planning to build or expand a biomass fuel ethanol plant in Canada and use biomass materials as feedstock.



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