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Senate Votes for Increasing Fuel Economy Requirements (CAFE)

Beijing Accelerates Euro 3 Standards

Xinhua. The Beijing municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau (ICB) announced that Euro 3 emission standards will go into effect starting 1 July. To meet the stricter emission standards, environmental protection authorities in Beijing are planning to introduce measures to carry out checks on private cars in the Chinese capital.

In April (earlier post) the State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) set the timetable for national implemention of Euro 3 standards (1 July 2007) and Euro 4 standards (1 July 2010), noting that the standards would be carried out in Beijing first.

The Beijing ICB said that it expects to adopt the Euro 4 standards by 2008, and is encouraging the production and delivery of low-sulfur fuel to help meet these standards.

China has become the fourth-largest manufacturer and the third-largest consumer of cars in the world.

Separately, China’s  National Bureau of Statistics reported that the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of Beijing reached US$4,300  in 2004, up 11% from 2003. It expects the city’s per capita GDP to exceed US$6,000 in 2008.

By way of contrast, the GDP per capita for Los Angeles County in 2004 reached $39,426, an increase of 6% from 2003.


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