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Englehard Acquires Chinese Syngas Catalyst Company

13 June 2005

Reflecting the increasing potential importance of gasification and conversion processes in the emerging energy economy, Engelhard Corporation has acquired the syngas catalyst business of Nanjing Chemical Industry Corporation (NCIC). Englehard is a Fortune 500 surface and materials science company; NCIC was a wholly-owned subsidiary of SINOPEC, one of China’s largest integrated energy and chemical companies.

Engelhard acquired NCIC’s syngas business operations, catalyst technology and Nanjing-based manufacturing assets. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Syngas, or synthesis gas, produced from fossil fuels or biomass, is shaping up to become a crucial intermediate in emerging energy and fuel solutions. Syngas can be combined with emerging downstream technologies for gas-to-liquids (GTL) processes, methanol-to-olefins (MTO) conversion, coal-to-liquids (CTL) conversion and fuel cells. It also is used as a feedstock for high-value, chemical processes such as ammonia, hydrogen and methanol.

Catalysts are essential for the transformation of the syngas to the end product. NCIC, China’s leading syngas catalyst producer, has been a pioneer in the research and development of syngas catalyst technologies for China and world markets.

With increased global demand for cleaner fuels, Engelhard recognizes the growing need to provide reliable technology solutions based on abundant natural gas. Coupling NCIC’s world-class syngas technology with Engelhard’s global reach creates a powerful combination and expands our technology offerings to the world energy markets.

—Victor Sprenger, group vice president and general manager of Engelhard’s process technologies

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I want to know name of catalyst for Naturalgas to syngas conversion.
This is my Bachlor Project.
Please help me.

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