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In the Wake of Rover: Building the UK Hybrids Supply Chain


The Birmingham (UK) Chamber of Commerce is funding a Hybrid Electric Vehicles Technology Transfer Centre (HEV TTC), supported by the automotive investment initiative “Accelerate”, and managed by MIRA, experts in vehicle engineering and testing.

The purpose of the center is to help West Midlands-based Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in responding to the business opportunities in the growing HEV market. West Midlands auto supply chain SMEs were particularly hard hit by the recent collapse of Rover.

The Accelerate program, boosted by £7.5 million in support from the MG Rover Task Force, is paying special attention to supporting entry into new auto technology areas, such as hybrid technology and its numerous applications. 

MIRA is hosting a free one-day seminar on 29 June to be followed later in the year by a planning workshop. The seminar will provide technology briefings from industry experts, access to advice from key funding providers and opportunities to network.

Separately, MIRA is one of the co-organizers of the upcoming Materials for Lean Weight Vehicles 6 conference, to be held 7–8 December at the University of Warwick. A call for papers is posted here.



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