Senate Rejects 40% Cut in Oil Use; Approves 10% Renewable Portfolio Standard for Electricity
Japan Clears Toyota and Honda Fuel Cell Vehicles for Wider Sale

Ontario Creates $520M Fund for Ethanol

The government of Ontario, Canada, is establishing a Can. $520-million (US$421-million), 12-year fund to support ethanol production and retailing.

In November 2004, Ontario announced a Renewable Fuels Standard, requiring an average of five per cent ethanol in all gasoline sold in Ontario by January 1, 2007.

The Ontario Ethanol Growth Fund, announced today, provides:

  • Capital assistance to help meet financial challenges in plant construction.

  • Operating assistance to address changing market prices.

  • Support for independent retailers selling ethanol blends.

  • A research and development fund to pursue opportunities for research and innovation.


Ross Judson

I am trying to figure out how I was so ignorant about E85, is a complete surprise to me that a regular, buy-off-the-lot Mercedes C-class can use E85 or gasoline, in whatever mixture.

I read about Brazilian ethanol production only this morning...from what I've read this isn't going to make too much of a difference with greenhouse gases, but at least it can make a difference with oil...

Great site! You're on my "read" list!

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