Canada Extends NGV Assistance to Conversions
Plug-in Hybrids Part of Final Energy Bill

China to Publish National Standards on Hybrids

CRI. The Standardization Administration of China has announced that a set of national standards on hybrid vehicles will be published and implemented in October 2005.

These standards will become the testing benchmarks for certification of hybrids for sale in the domestic Chinese market.

The China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) had recommended developing technical regulations for hybrid technology as a key step to broad commercialization. The center worked to analyze and identify key performance standards elements, and to developing standards and test procedures for certification—particularly emissions and fuel efficiency tests as well as complementary technical policies and certification management procedures.

Reportedly, Toyota has had some input into the process and the result. A joint venture between Toyota and FAW Group is preparing to assemble the Prius in China for introduction into the market in October.

(A hat-tip to Jack Rosebro!)


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