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Cummins Westport Enters Bangladesh With CNG Bus Engines


Cummins Westport (CWI) has received an order for 30 CWI natural gas engines for new transit buses in Bangladesh. Delivery of the initial 30 buses begins this month, with options for a total of 120 buses by the end of November.

The order marks Cummins Westport’s entry into the Bangladesh transit bus market.

Cummins Westport signed an agreement with Chongqing Yutong Coach Manufacturing Co. Ltd. of China and IBH Motors Ltd. of Bangladesh for the 120-unit bus order. The new buses, manufactured in China, will be powered by Cummins Westport B-series 5.9-liter engines, and are destined for commercial and public transit service in Bangladesh.

IBH Motors Ltd. is purchasing the buses for a consortium of seven Bangladesh bus operators.

The 6-cylinder CWI International B Gas engines offer power output from 150 hp (112 kW) up to 230 hp (172 kW) with torque of 508 Nm (375 lb-ft) to 678 Nm (500 lb-ft). The ECU (Engine Control Module) adjusts for varying fuel composition, supporting a wide range of fuel qualities.

Bangladesh has significant natural gas reserves and a growing infrastructure to support natural gas use in transportation. Natural gas fueling stations are currently being built along major highways, providing support for inter-city transport.

The government has committed to the acquisition of additional natural gas engines by subsidizing natural gas prices and maintaining low import tariffs on natural gas engines. The price of natural gas in Bangladesh is three to five times lower than diesel.

With public transit the common mode of travel in Bangladesh, natural gas is thus increasingly a logical and secure fuel choice for Bangladesh governments and transit operators. This year alone, Bangladesh’s new transit bus requirements exceed 500 units.

Chongqing Yutong will be manufacturing the buses at its facility in Chongqing, China. The bus manufacturer currently produces approximately 3,000 natural gas-powered buses per year. Chongqing Yutong’s markets include customers in China, South East Asia, and South America.


Iftikhar Siddiqi

We would like to know more about options in CNG buses and coasters.

Mr Kyaw Swe

We would like to request you CNG bus engine (Output is 220 hp to 230 hp and 6 cylinder for price.Minimum order of quantity and dilivery period after order.Kindly send us engine operation details and design references.We do
prefer for magnetic distributor for ignition system to ignite in spark plug for CNG gas.This system is used in 6 cylinder petrol engine.
Mr Kyaw Swe
No.136 1st Floor(R),16th street,Lanmadaw T/S
yangon, Myanmar.

Engr. Tarikul Islam

I would like to know the price for each different model of cummins gas engine for bus, for next time to use for myself.If anyone have any idea please let me know on my email address tarikmebuet(at)


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