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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Phase 2 of its $2.6 million program for the development and advancement of next-generation gaseous hydrogen storage technologies.

The Quantum project focuses on optimizing the storage capacity of the company’s ultra-lightweight composite 10,000-psi hydrogen storage tank technology, previously developed by Quantum and the DOE, and reducing its cost.

The specifics of Phase 2 include optimization of materials and fabrication methodologies, advanced structural monitoring systems, and higher density hydrogen storage.

Quantum is looking beyond the use of the tanks for on-board hydrogen storage. Even as researchers develop solid-state materials for low pressure hydrogen storage (hydride-based storage, for example) safe and durable high-pressure tanks for the off-board storage and delivery of hydrogen will still be required.

Quantum was the first to develop and certify a 10,000-psi hydrogen storage system for vehicles.

That achievement was the first step toward providing enough fuel on board a vehicle to achieve a 300-mile driving range for specific vehicle platforms. The current project with the DOE will focus on the next step along the commercialization continuum—advancing the design in order to further increase capacity, reduce costs and weight, and maintaining high levels of safety.

— Alan P. Niedzwiecki, President and CEO of Quantum


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