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Ohio School District Switches Buses to B20

Illinois Law Expands Biodiesel Mandate for Public Fleets

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed into law House Bill 112 which requires state government, county and local governments, school districts, universities and community colleges and mass transit agencies to use a minimum of B2 (2% biodiesel blend) in their diesel vehicles.

State facilities already useB2 in accordance with an executive order issued by the Governor in 2004. Local governments, community colleges and mass transit systems will now join the state in boosting biodiesel use.

Earlier this year, Gov. Blagojevich approved legislation that provides rebates for drivers using fuels with a minimum B20 blend.

The new law becomes effective 1 July 2006.



How much did the State of Illinois put in its budget to pay for this higher priced fuel?


Blago will just sweep some more from a trust fund - he's good at that magic.
Anyways, it's only B2 - should only cost a few pennies more, and give it back in the form of better mileage due to lubricity.

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