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Indian Automakers Seeking Ways to Reduce Cost of Electric Motors

Sify. India’s Tata Motors is in talks with a variety of electric motor manufacturing companies to explore having them set up shop in India and thereby to reduce the cost of motors needed in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

Tata plans to have concept prototypes ready for hybrid cars (Indica and Indigo) and hybrid buses over the next six months. The company is also working on a fuel cell bus, the prototype of which will be ready over the next one-and-a-half to two years.

Tata Motors General Manager (Electricals & Electronics) V.G. Gujrathi made the comments at a workshop on “Technology Priorities for Electric Vehicles” organized by the Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC).

At the same event, Chetan Kumar Maini, Deputy Chairman & Chief Technology Officer of Reva (makers of the electric NXG—earlier post) suggested the possibility of cross-company collaboration in India.

We need to work towards reducing the cost of motors of electric vehicles. One of the ways could possibly be combining resources [of various companies] within the country.

Tata Motors is India’s largest integrated automobile manufacturer today, producing a line of vehicles from passenger cars through heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Tata ACE mini-truck

Earlier in the year, the company introduced the Tata ACE. The ACE, India’s first indigenously developed mini-truck, features a two-cylinder, 700-cc, 16-hp diesel engine that meets either Bharat Stage (BS) II or BS III emissions standards. (Earlier post on Bharat standards.)



Any chance of anything like this showing up in the US? Even with a little larger mill, this seems like an ideal utility vehicle for me -- now that I'm retired, fixed income, etc..

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