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Avis Sweden Buying 400 Saab Flex Fuel Cars for Rental Fleet

9-5 BioPower

Avis is the first customer in Sweden to take delivery of Saab’s new flex-fuel 9-5 2.0t BioPower model (earlier post) The FFV Saab will burn either E85 (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) or gasoline in any mixture.

Delivery of the first batch of 200 cars was completed last week (ending 30 July) and Avis will purchase another 200 in the fall. So far, 2,500 orders have come in for the BioPower.

This is a very smart solution and we are delighted to offer a car that so conveniently meets the environmental needs of our customers, the majority of whom are business users. The flexibility of the Saab 9-5 BioPower also makes it far more practical to use when compared to some hybrid and CNG-powered cars we have tried, which have restricted ranges or fuel supply complications.

&mash;Hans Larsson, Director of Procurement at Avis Sweden

E85 is currently 40% less expensive at the pumps than gasoline is in Sweden.

The first 120 cars of the Avis fleet—marked with a“Saab BioPower with Avis” decal above the fuel filler flap—are now in place at Avis’s main Stockholm office and the company plans to have the 9-5 BioPower available for rental throughout its 120 branch national network.

In addition to the emissions benefits expected from burning E85 in the 9-5 BioPower, Saab says that the new turbo flex-fuel engine improves fuel consumption under mid- to high-load driving because fuel enrichment for engine cooling is no longer necessary. In the Saab turbo, he high 104 RON octane rating of E85 fuel produces a 20% increase in maximum engine power, up from 150 to 180 hp.

The Trionic engine management system, which recalibrates and adjusts to accommodate the different timing characteristics and the fuel/air mixture requirements of ethanol, is key to these capabilities.


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