Toyota’s Hybrid Math
Honda Considering a V8, V6 Hybrid or Diesel for Boost in Light Truck Power

Azure Dynamics Providing Parallel Hybrid Delivery Vehicle

Azure’s parallel hybrid architecture

An unnamed large North-American-based company is purchasing an Azure Dynamics parallel-hybrid-electric delivery vehicle for testing and evaluation.

This announcement comes shortly after earlier announcements from Azure on series-hybrid shuttle buses (earlier post), Class-7 hybrids (earlier post), and delivery of series-hybrid prototypes to the USPS (earlier post).

Azure’s latest customer operates a fleet of mostly Class-3 delivery vehicles (in the gross vehicle weight range of 10,000 to 14,000 lbs). The parallel hybrid vehicle will be tested for operational performance, and to test and validate the fuel economy improvements, emissions reductions and maintenance cost savings promised. The Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) will handle the fuel economy and emissions testing.

The Azure P1 parallel hybrid platform is built around either a GM 4.8-liter gasoline engine or a General Engine Products 6.5-liter diesel. Azure estimates an improvement in fuel economy of between 30%–45% with its parallel hybrid compared to a conventional vehicle.

It also estimates a reduction in engine run-time of 20%, a 75% decrease in brake maintenance, and a 12-year, 500,000-mile design life.

Estimated emissions reductions include a 30% drop in CO2; a 70% drop in CO; a 20% drop in NOx.

All-electric distance in the truck is limited: 0.125 mile.




I believe this is Pepsico/Frito-Lay testing Azure's powertrain and successful completion should result in a sale of 10,000 units. The next couple of years should be very exciting for AZD.

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