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Green AntiFreeze Byproduct from Biodiesel Process

A researcher at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) has developed a process for converting glycerin, a byproduct of the biodiesel production process, into propylene glycol—a substance that can be used as nontoxic antifreeze for automobiles.

Currently, ethylene glycol is prominently used in vehicular antifreeze and is both toxic and made from petroleum.

Galen Suppes, an MU chemical engineering professor and chief science officer of the MU-based Renewable Alternatives, said his process works at a lower pressure and temperature than those being developed by other groups, and creates a higher yield.

Propylene glycol has a higher market price than glycerin, giving producers a larger potential revenue stream from biodiesel byproducts.

Right now, Renewable Alternatives is licensing this technology to three biodiesel plants, with a fourth one in the works. The National Science Foundation and Missouri Soybean Farmers are helping fund the research.


Emmanuel M

Glycerin (glycerol) is also a wonderful de-icing agent for roads and sidewalks. Unlike salt, it does not burn grass, does not stain shoes, does not corrode cars and is probably less harmful to rivers and lakes.

Back to ethylene glycol, it is used to de-ice planes on the runway. A recent study found very high levels of EG around airports and in their run-off water, with significant local biological impact. I wonder if "green" EG is any better.

Emmanuel M, in Canada, frozen solid six months a year.

biogreen oils sdn bhd

your approach is very interesting and we would like to know more about your research. we are a plantation company and producing biodiesel in malaysia.
best regards.

Leslie Hardy

I have used glycerin for years in my machining as a lubricant and to prevent rust, I have also put in my radiator in my vehicles for years. But I am interested in your new product as I am a biodiesel producer, hoping to go commercial very soon. I could use additional resources to recoope funds whereever possible. Please contact me.

adonis charalambous

please help what can i do with the glycerin. Can i make bath soap.

David Murphy

wanting to know who is using for cattle feed

Ross Andrew

I am very interested in more information about the antifreeze process as I am already making soap and hand cleaner from glycerin in South Africa.

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