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ADM Announces Major US Ethanol Expansion

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) plans to expand its ethanol capacity by 500 million gallons per year through the construction of two new dry corn milling facilities. The facilities will be located adjacent to the Company’s existing ethanol plants.

ADM is by far the largest producer of ethanol in the US, with current capacity of 1,070 million gallons per year—some 26% of current total national capacity according to figures from the Renewable Fuels Association. With the newly announced expansions, ADM will increase its capacity by 50%.

Ethanol producers (aside from ADM) in the US are already working on a expansion projects that will add an additional 1,147 million gallons per year of capacity. With the just announced ADM expansion, that will bring US capacity to 5,724 million gallons per year.

Construction of the ADM facilities, expected to be complete in early 2008, is dependent on final engineering and permit approval.


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