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Altairnano Ramps Up Lithium-Ion Battery Work

30 September 2005

Altair Nanotechnologies has expanded its research, product development, manufacturing and marketing groups with the addition of eleven advanced battery scientists, engineers, manufacturing and marketing specialists.

The mission of the enlarged battery team is to accelerate the development of Altairnano’s nano-structured battery electrode materials and provide new capabilities to manufacture in-house prototype lithium-ion cells, batteries and battery packs and increase testing capabilities.

Altairnano is looking into combining its nano titanate spinel electrode materials (earlier post) with other materials that utilize manganese or iron phosphate (as compared to other batteries containing lead, acid, cobalt, cadmium, nickel and so on).

Additionally, in contrast with graphite electrodes currently used in lithium-ion batteries, the nano titanium-based anodes are expected to safely operate in the thermodynamically stable voltage window of available existing electrolytes. The ionic transport capacity through the nano-structured materials provides high charge and discharge rates resulting in high power ratings when needed.

Testing with Altairnano’s electrodes has shown a reduction in recharge time to up to one-sixth.

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