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ArvinMeritor has introduced a diesel-fuel vaporizer system for reliable, low-cost diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration. The company said that the system would be ready for 2007 model year vehicles.

The vaporizer injects a small amount of diesel fuel as a gas-vapor mixture into the exhaust gas for complete combustion in the downstream catalytic converter. The required exhaust gas temperature is reached rapidly and reliably, and is maintained throughout the period of regeneration—even under stop-and-go conditions.

Validation tests have proven the vaporizer’s effectiveness in carrying out frequent regenerations, without oil dilution and with lower fuel consumption. A reduction in thermal stress on the filter substrate allows for a potential 15% cost savings, according to the company, when using less expensive filter materials.

Because our diesel fuel vaporizer manages filter soot regeneration, independent of the engine and at lower temperatures, it gives OEMs the opportunity to specify a less-expensive substrate.

—Michael Bleidt, VP, GM of ArvinMeritor’s Light Vehicle Systems Emissions Technologies


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