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Bosch Develops Bi-Fuel Gasoline/CNG Engine Management System

Bosch Bi-Fuel management system

Bosch has developed an engine management system specifically geared to bi-fuel (bivalent) vehicles which can be alternately powered by gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG). Production will start in 2006.

The system consists of an engine control unit, components for fuel supply and mixture formation as well as the required sensors. The Bi-Fuel System allows switching from gasoline to CNG operation while driving without interrupting the power output of the engine.

The core of the system is the NG-Motronic control unit, which is based on Bosch’s gasoline injection systems. Integrating both fuel systems in one single ECU saves costs and reduces the wiring and cable connections in the vehicle.

Also part of the system is the new Natural Gas Injector (NGI 2). The injector has a specific lining and is especially suited for operation with oil-free gas. The external dimensions of the NGI 2 correspond to conventional gasoline injectors from Bosch and can thus be integrated into existing systems without problems.

Bosch notes that because of CNG’s high knock-resistance, it is an ideal candidate for supercharged combustion engines, and could lead to downsized applications—engines of lower displacement with a higher degree of efficiency and comparable performance to larger ones.


ting  hua

our company is specializing in manufacturing composite CNG cylinders in china ,welcome to contact us!
we are permitted to produce seamless steel cylinders, wrapped cylinders and cylinders for NGV. At present the company mainly produces steel lined carbon fiber hoop-wrapped composite cylinders for NGV .

Pranajaya Gunawan

Dear Sir/ Madam,

we would like to have more information about your bifuel gasoline equipment to modified our existing genset (6 x 500 KVA).
Dou you have agency in Indonesian?. How about your after sales service if you don't have agency in Indonesian?.

Thank You.

Best regards,
Pranajaya G.

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