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Canadian Biofuels Quality Registry

8 September 2005

The Alberta Research Council (ARC) has teamed up with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to create an on-line Biofuels Quality Registry in support of the government’s Biodiesel Initiative.

Biodiesel producers and end-users can now register on the Biofuels Quality Registry Web site, an extranet site hosted by ARC, to have their products tested for quality. The site is to be the national database into which the results of the analysis of candidate biofuels are entered.

ARC’s Fuels and Lubricants Group (FLG) will perform the fuel testing.

NRCan will provide a partial rebate on the cost of the analysis, which averages C$1,400 (US$1,200), to encourage more small and medium-sized producers to have biodiesel analyzed on a regular basis. This is a two-year program with C$100,000 (US$85,000) available per year.

A Biofuels Technical Steering Committee (BTSC) consisting of representatives from ARC, NRCan and Environment Canada will approve all applications for incentives. NRCan and Environment Canada will use the information collected to support research and policy activities.

The results obtained from the fuel quality tests of biodiesel will be entered into a database that will track biodiesel quality metrics, thus developing an industry protocol and standard for biofuel analysis.

NRCan will use the information gathered by the registry to develop a set of specifications for biofuels in Canada and help establish a quality benchmark for biodiesel. The Government of Canada may also use the information to compile an annual trends report that will be available through the site.

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