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Cargill and Biofuel Solutions Planning 110-Million GPY Ethanol Plant

Biofuel Solutions, an ethanol plant development company, is in the advanced planning stages for construction of a 110 million-gallon-per-year (mgpy) ethanol plant to be located in Fairmont, Minn. adjacent to the local Cargill Ag Horizons grain elevator.

The plant would be one of the largest in the US, and Cargill’s largest in the country. Cargill is the third-largest US ethanol producer with an 85 mgpy ethanol plant in Blair, Neb. and a 35 mgpy plant in Eddyville, Iowa.

The plant would source corn from Cargill’s elevator, which has been in operation since 1973 (owned by Cargill since 1996) and which has historically shipped corn to the export market.

The plant will require some 41 million bushels of corn per year to meet production requirements. In addition to producing ethanol, the plant is expected to produce more than 375,000 tons of dry distiller grain for animal feed annually.

Biofuel Solutions is currently evaluating the site and plans further investment in part based on the nearby railway and highway systems, including access to mainline rail, and strong community support. Delta-T/TIC Alliance, which built the Corn Plus ethanol plant in nearby Winnebago, Minn., has been selected to build and provide technology for the facility. Biofuel Solutions expects to begin construction in the first quarter of 2006.


Orville L.

I only hope that renewable energy will be used for heating and pumping. Wind and Solar PV should
be the primary energy with the electric grid as a backup.

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