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D1 to Open First Indian Biodiesel Refinery in 2006

PTI. UK-Based D1 Oils will open its first Indian biodiesel refinery in Chennai early next year.

D1 Oils, which has formed a joint venture with Mohan Breweries and distilleries, plans to produce 8,000 metric tons of oil from jatropha in the initial year. It has begun large-scale jatropha cultivation in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh.

The company plans to have five million hectares of land under jatropha cultivation and to produce 2.7 metric tons of oil per hectare within five years.

Earlier this year, D1 announced a partnership with an Indian biotech firm to produce some 100 million tissue culture-derived Jatropha curcas plants to be used in jatropha plantations. (Earlier post.)



more info.


To convert 2.7 MT/hectare into something our SAE-addled minds can understand, that's equal to 334 gallons/acre per year. For reference, soybeans typically produce 200-300 gallons/acre*year.

Algae can theoretically do 10000-15000 gallons/acre*year. When's the NREL going to perfect algal lipid production for biodiesel (?!).



The problem with algae based biodiesel is the need for huge capital expenses. It requires specially constructed ponds which need protection against infection by spores of rival species.

Ransingh Subhrajit Ray

I am a student of IIIrd year B.Tech in Industrial Biotech, Chennai. I am interested in plantation and manufacturing of Biodiesel from jatropha. I would like to get some guidance from you. Please give me the complete details regarding the procurement of seeds, plantlets and machinaries required for production.


Dear Sir,
iam B.E.Mechanical Engineer working in a Pvt.Sector. Me and my Friends are interested in Plantation and manufacturing BIODIESEL from Jatropha. I am willing to get your Valuable Advices and Guidance.Pleasegive us the Entire details regarding Buying of Seeds, Plants, cost and Machinereies required.

Dinesh Patel

Dear Sir,
i am B.Sc.(Agriculture)working in a Pvt.Sector. Me and my Friends are interested in Plantation and manufacturing BIODIESEL from Jatropha. I am willing to get your Valuable Advices and Guidance.Please give us the Entire details regarding Buying of Seeds, Plants, cost and Machinereies required. if possible , please send me more technical details, how to make bio diesel from seeds.

Thank you,
Dinesh Patel


i want to purchase 200ton biodiesel per month at bareilly in U.P.SELLERS CONTECT ME ON ph-09359876000


i want purchase 200 ton biodiesel per month


Dear Sir
Iam Doing Bussiness in chennai
Me & My Friends Intrested to Bio Diesel Mafg
Please Send The Full Details

Best Regards


I am intrested to sell BIODIESEL oil in my hometown pondicherry.so i need your help.

thank you


Our team of a few scientists has developed a very new technology (simplist, though based on a rigorous discovery in the realm of fundamental physics) of continuous manufacture of biodiesel from conventional components: vegetable oil, methanol and catalyst.
The reactor is able to manufacture 3 tons of biodiesel per hour interruptedly functioning for months. The floor area occupied by the reactor with two pumps (for oil and methanol)is about 2 square metres only.
In the technology, we use exactly the stochiometric composition of the three mentioned components,
Hence, the technology does not require pre- and post- processing of biodiesel; no warming, no pressure.
We also can suggest rather the best press oil machinary to extract oil from jatropha or other seeds. So, who are interested in the cutting edge technologies, your equiries are welcome.


i am b.tech in boitechnology.what kind of oppertuinities in india.please send some more campanies nams.


I am interested in ivesting in jatropha bio-fuels. Please let me know more information about the prospects and process.


Dear sir,

I am BE mechanical engineer with 3 years of experience in diesel engines and i want to cultivate bio diesel oil and process it ,could you help me in this.


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