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Daihatsu Concept Hybrid Sport Car

Daihatsu HVS

Daihatsu—owned more than 51% by Toyota—will unveil the HVS, a new lightweight hybrid concept sportscar, at this week’s Frankfurt IAA.

The HVS combines a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and a 4WD hybrid system. The company suggests that the performance will be reminiscent of a 2-liter engine, but with fuel economy exceeding that of a 1-liter engine.

The rear electric motor transmits power via a drive-control mechanism that drives the left and right wheels separately for increased stability during high-speed cornering.

Daihatsu recently introduced its HiJet hybrid minivan into the Japanese market. (Earlier post.)

Daihatsu is also introducing a compact 1.5-liter SUV at the IAA.

More details to come.



Mild Hybrids and Performance Hybrids are more than just a disappointment; they are a delaying tactic. That car companies won't totally embrace the potential of the Plug-in Hybrid is disgrace.

The Plug-in Hybrid will produce SAFER cars, less apt to be driven to oblivion by lead-footed fools, and safer because low-slung battery packs will improve stability and handling. No No. The public 'wants' recklessly fast cars (and they want to crash and replace them, if they don't die in them, too).

The Plug-in Hybrid will initiate the rooftop photovoltiac solar power industry, whereby homeowners get a homepower system, invaluable in an emergency or price Enronian price-gouging, and get an education on household electricity use conservation.

Driving the Plug-in Hybrid on zero-emission electric power alone has a limited range, but this is an incentive that drives a development pattern that brings homes closer to occupation and other regular destinations that eventually become accessible without having to drive - walking, bicycling and mass transit all benefit with the Plug-in Hybrid. GET IT?? GET IT?? WELL?? PHONY HYBRIDS DO HARM!! PHONY HYBRIDS DO HARM!!

Dane Gross

Don't be so rude, Daihatsu are one of, it not, the greenest car company on the planet.

All of their cars are lightweight, a very important factor for saving energy, and all have the most advanced engines on the market!

Most use the JB-DET 660cc engine that produces 68bhp thats 100bhp per litre as good as any top of the range supercar, in most applications it will cover a combined 60mpg+

So that’s hundreds of thousands of these little Daihatsu being sold and used over the world that are highly fuel efficient.

Their last sports hatchback the Storia X4 was 713cc, 140bhp and would cover 55mpg combined and could hit 60 in 6.6 seconds and the quarter in 15.

Show me another car with those two abilities, mpg and acceleration and also add a cost of $10K

The new HVS is much more sophisticated than your press release documents, it is not a phoney is their continual improvement in production cars that are lightweight, fuel efficient and importantly FUN.

It is important that these cars are perceived as fun to tempt people out of their gas guzzlers.

Daihatsu have done more for the Green Campaign than any other car company and have done for a long time, you can go back to 1990 and look at what they have produced.

They have recently invented a new type of cat converter that is self regenerating, why but to be more green.

All current hybrids on the market are charged at a high premium price and are bought purely as the latest fashion statement; they would sell cars with real mink fur seats if they thought they could charge double and get away with it.

So please sir, don’t you mock any of the efforts of Daihatsu.

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