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Florida Governor Calls for Conservation; Swaps Expedition for Hybrid

In response to fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Katrina, Florida is establishing a state-wide energy conservation policy with a goal of a 10% reduction in consumption, and Governor Jeb Bush is calling on Floridians to conserve as well.

The governor has also swapped out his standard Ford Expedition for a Ford Escape hybrid.

“It’s kind of hard to be arguing to conserve gasoline when you’re driving around in a Ford Expedition that guzzles it down at a 6- to 8-mile per gallon clip,” Bush said after arriving at a northeast Tallahassee Mormon Church where hurricane evacuees were staying.

For the record, Ford Motor Co.’s Web site says its Expedition gets about 14 miles per gallon in city driving and 19 on the highway. But its Escape Hybrid gets an EPA-estimated 36 mpg in town and 31 on the highway. “This baby outside . . . makes more sense,” Bush said. (St. Petersburg Times)

Drivers in Florida consume some 23 million gallons of fuel a day. Consumption is spiking due to concerns over price increases and availability.



I hope this is the start of a trend. a second wave if you will, of hybrid adoption.


Well ... this seems logical. At last someone is moving ahead... is it the future president?

Harvey D

By hitting the pocket book, a progressive $1/gallon pollution tax would reduce gas and fuel consumption by as much as 25% and more in a rather short time. A $2/gallon pollution tax could reduce gas and fuel consumption by as much as 50% and a $3/gallon polution tax would do even better. Drivers would quickly find a way to travel less or by group, by bus, by train etc.

Mikhail Capone

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Also, here's something that might (or not) interest you:

Mikhail Capone

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Joseph Willemssen

How asburd. The man's blood is made of oil.


It's a good PR move, and it at least shows he has 'leadership' skills, but I don't think America deserves another Bushwacking.


EPA mileage ratings are based on lab tests in which the vehicle never exceeds 60mph, theoretically.


It's a good move. A bit of PR, but every bit helps. I can't help but wonder though, why not a vehicle that gets even more MPG? I'd guess it's because the rest are either (a) not American made, or (b) too small for a head as large as a governor's.

Are there any fairly large sized American cars that get better MPGs than the Escape hybrid?


What took him so long? These people need to be whacked in the face before they wake up. That's not leadership, albeit a bit better than his truly retrograde brother.

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