Washington Metro Buys 50 GM Hybrid Buses
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Orange County Transit Buys 50 New Flyer CNG Buses, Options for 327 More

New Flyer CNG bus. Click to enlarge.

The Orange County (CA) Transportation Authority (OCTA) has ordered 50 compressed natural gas (CNG), 40-foot buses from New Flyer to be delivered in 2006, with options for 150 buses in 2007 and 177 buses in 2009.

OCTA has also planned for the purchase of 232 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) buses after 2010.

OCTA is based in Orange, California, and operates the 17th largest transit fleet in the US, currently consisting of 893 vehicles, 269 of which are New Flyer vehicles. In addition to its new CNG vehicles, OCTA recently evaluated two New Flyer gasoline-electric series hybrid buses (SE-ThunderVolt hybrid drive system, Ford Triton V10 with a Siemens series-electric drive unit, earlier post) and have subsequently added them to its fleet.

The 40-foot CNG buses (C40LF) use engines ranging from 250–280 hp from Cummins (ISL C-gas+), Detroit Diesel (S50G) or John Deere (6081H), and an Allison transmission.

Roof-mounted tanks store 20,000 scf of CNG at 3,600 psi and provide a range of some 400 miles.


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