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Oxygen Picks Valence Li-Ion Batteries for Electric Scooters

Oxygen S.p.A. , a provider of electric scooters, has chosen Saphion lithium-ion battery systems from Valence Technology to power two of its models.

Oxygen will use the U-Charge U1 Power System in its Oxygen E, which is designed to address the need for low-cost transportation in congested urban areas, recreational areas such as beaches or resorts, and restricted communities where gas-powered vehicles are prohibited.

U-Charge Power Systems
Capacity 40Ah 100Ah
Specific Energy 91.6 Wh/kg 97.8 Wh/kg
Energy Density 130 Wh/L 135 Wh/L

The Oxygen Cargo Scooter will use either the U-Charge U1 or U24 Power System, depending on customer’s needs. This larger scooter offers a comfortable ride and excellent handling, has a cargo box that can be custom designed to store a variety of commodities and has a range of up to 86 miles.

Both scooter models use regenerative braking to supplement the battery charge. The change from Nickel-Zinc batteries to Li-ion batteries provide longer range and higher reliability.

Oxygen vehicles powered by Saphion batteries will be available starting late this year, with volume production beginning in first quarter 2006.

Valence is the battery partner in EDrive’s work in commercializing the plug-in Prius. (Earlier post.)


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