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SEV Group Preparing to Produce and Market New Electric Delivery Van

The Independent reports that the Tanfield Group, through its subsidiary SEV, is gearing up for production of the its new electric delivery van.

Capable of a top speed of 50 mph, the van uses an Azure Dynamics all-electric powertrain that replaces SEV’s earlier system.

SEV signed a supply agreement with Azure Dynamics for 1,000 electric powertrains to be delivered within a 24-month period back in June 2005.

The vans will cost between £20,000–£29,000 (US$36,800–US$53,400). SEV proposes that due to the cost of electricity required versus the cost of fuel, the and will be as economical as a gasoline or diesel van within 18-24 months and 25% cheaper over five years.

(A hat-tip to Daniel Johnston!)



What is the range of this truck, and how long does it take to recharge the batteries? How often do you have to change batteries?


Reportedly 60 miles on the range, and don’t know on the recharge time. Asking for more info.

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